The 2nd Global Cultural Industry Development Report

Delivered by Zheng Xiongwei, prestigious economist and Global Executive Chairman of APCEO at the 1st International Culture Industry Summit 2012


Honorable guests, ladies and gentlemen:

After the first "Global Cultural Industry Development Report released by the Asia-Pacific CEO Association in February 2012, the organizing committee of the summit would like now to release the 2nd report as the research result of the 1st summit.

The 2nd Global Cultural Industry Development Report mainly includes 3 parts. The first part is the development of the cultural industries in the world's major economies, which analyzes the developing process and characteristics of world culture industry, and the development situation of cultural industry in major developed countries. The second part is about the historic significance and profound connotation of cultural industry development. The third part is the highlights of the report; it makes a comprehensive analysis of the industry development of the regions in China, and the current development status of China's cultural sub-industry; it also predicts that China's cultural industry will face new opportunities of development.

We hope that the 2nd report will strengthen peoples understanding of the latest tendency and features of the global cultural industry, provide more strategic thinking on its development and further promoteg the development of cultural industry.

Thank you!


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