2009 Top 10 Hero & CEO of APCEO



Award Reason

Recent years, many large companies have developed outsourcing business rapidly and have made great achievements. Some emerging business also became new stars in this field. It is the managers with strong power of judgement and of decision-making, that bring their business into prosperity. Under their leadership, these companies keep up with the current trend, seize opportunities, and become new driving force of the market. Of course, in the development of outsourcing business, local policy is also an important factor. Most competitive places normally have good infrastructures, supportive policies, cheap labor force and mature training systems, thus are the most ideal outsourcing destination.

Since 2007, APCEO has held annual award ceremony to prize the excellent persons, companies, cities and economies in outsourcing field to promote its development. This year, we will try our best to make sure that the awards go to persons, companies, cities and economies which enjoy the best reputation, highest authority and most powerful leadership in the market.

1. Warren Buffett,Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Cooperation



2. Franck RiboudCEO of Groupe Danone S.A.


3. Jeff BezosCEO of Amazon.com Inc.


4. Jamie DimonCEO of J.P. Morgan


5. Robert LaneCEO of Deere & Co.


6. Alan G. Lafley, Chairman and CEO of P&G


7. Mark Hurd, Chairman and CEO of HP Company


8. Steve JobsCEO of Apple, Inc


9. Fujio MitaraiCEO of Canon Inc


10. John ChambersPresident and CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc


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