Changsha Declaration On Global High-End Manufacturing

The world economy is in full swing, but innovation, cooperation, development, and win-win are still the theme of the global high-end manufacturing industry.

The global high-end manufacturing summit advocates a vibrant and cooperative platform for high-end manufacturing development, and will establish a laboratory, a world-class industrial park, a information center of world-renowned institutions, a trading center and an international fund for high-end manufacturing to promote the optimal allocation of resources around the world.

Changsha, as a strategic key city in central China and an important center for high-end manufacturing, is actively building a world-class high-end manufacturing industrial cluster.

We hope that the global high-end manufacturing conference will complement the development and upgrading of China's Changsha manufacturing industry. Today, we understand Changsha because of the Summit, and we hope that tomorrow, due to Changsha, we will think of high-end manufacturing in the world.

I hope that the brilliant ideas put forward in this summit will become a reality in the near future!

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