Changsha Declaration On Global High-End Manufacturing

The Global High-end Manufacturing Summit, sponsored by the prestigious international economic organization, the Asia Pacific CEO Association, and the China Changsha Municipal Government, was held in Changsha, China on May 13-15, 2019. The theme of the Summit is ¡°Quality Economy, Better Life."

Global key business leaders, government officials, internationally renowned experts and scholars, famous investors and financiers from more than 60 countries and regions attended the conference.

Zheng Xiongwei, the global executive chairman of the Asia Pacific CEO Association and a well-known international economist, released the "Changsha Declaration on Global High-end Manufacturing."

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

I am very honored to release the " Changsha Declaration on Global High-end Manufacturing " here. The declaration is as follows:
High-end manufacturing industry is the most advanced sector in the manufacturing industry. It is the most important component of the real economy and the fundamental force for realizing high-quality development of the world economy and improving people¡¯s lives.

Developed economies are actively strengthening the advantages of their high-end manufacturing industry, and emerging economies are also stepping up its development.

The modern information technology, aerospace, rail transit equipment, maritime engineering equipment and military manufacturing in the United States are top of the world, and they have proposed a grand vision of "global manufacturing" to "space manufacturing." CNC precision machine tools, robots, electronics, automotive manufacturing, and new materials are the pillar industries of high-end manufacturing in Japan. Germany is a global leader in automotive, machinery and equipment manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical, and electronic appliances. The UK is a global leader in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, semiconductor, optoelectronics, and chip design.

Meanwhile, the regional development of it is undergoing major changes. In emerging economies represented by China, high-end manufacturing has made multiple breakthroughs and the development trend is good.

Globally, under the guidance of a new round of technological revolution, core high-end manufacturing industries such as information technology, robotics, intelligent equipment, aerospace, maritime engineering equipment, high-tech ships, satellite and application industries, advanced rail transit, new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural machinery, new materials, biomedicine and high-performance precision medical equipment have experienced rapid technological changes. The global industrial technology system, production mode and form have undergone major changes. Emerging industries in global high-end manufacturing will surely usher in a new accelerated development cycle.

The global manufacturing is becoming more digitalized, inter-connected, intelligent, service-oriented and green. Intelligent manufacturing has become the biggest highlight of global manufacturing innovation. Intelligent manufacturing equipment is the main carrier and engine for intelligent manufacturing.

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