World Emerging Industry Development Report at the 4th World Emerging Industries Summit

Dear Mayor Mr. Wang Xinwei,
Dear Lord Francis Maude,
Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the WEIS, I am releasing the "World Emerging Industries Development Report". The contents of the report are as follows:

First, in recent years, the strategic support of governments in emerging industries has become more determined and strong with more scientific research investment, deeper, wider and more integrated emerging industries development. The development of emerging industries in various countries has complements each other in a win-win situation.

In 2018, R&D investment in the United States has reached 496 billion US dollars, accounting for 26% of the global total. During the year, the United States launched the "National Space Strategy", "National Network Strategy", "National Quantum Law", and established industrial management and promotion agencies such as the Artificial Intelligence Committee and the National Security Committee for Artificial Intelligence. Over the past year, the core technologies and market applications in artificial intelligence, new materials, quantum technology and new energy in the United States have made outstanding achievements.

Canada is the first country in the world to release a national strategy for artificial intelligence. According to the 2017 Pan-Canada Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the government will allocate 125 million Canadian dollars to increase artificial intelligence researchers, graduates, and support national research groups, establishing Canada's position as an international leader in artificial intelligence research and training.

The UK released the "White Paper on Industrial Strategy", established the Artificial Intelligence Development Committee and the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, and developed a 900 million pounds artificial intelligence industry support program, which will train 8,000 computer science teachers and 5,000 students majoring digital technology. 450 new doctoral programs and 2,000 overseas talents will be introduced each year to promote the UK to become a global leader in artificial intelligence. The UK will also invest international technology companies such as Google and Amazon, supports such technologies as quantum science, advanced receivers and low-cost integrated chip.

Germany released "High-tech Strategy 2025", speeding up the layout in intelligent manufacturing, the research and application of quantum communication. Emerging industries structure has move to high-end. High-tech, high value-added, high-output industries and enterprises are emerging.

France is already at the global forefront in aviation, high-speed railway, etc. In March 2018, France released the ˇ°Artificial Intelligence Development Strategyˇ±, which plans to use 1.85 billion US dollars to develop artificial intelligence industry, encourage new colleges to establish artificial intelligence, cultivate talents, establish interdisciplinary research centers, and strengthen Financial support for the smart industry.

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