Zhengzhou Declaration of World Emerging Industrial Cooperation at the 4th World Emerging Industries Summit

Last decade, China's strategic emerging industries have contributed nearly 20% annually for the GDP growth, becoming a strong support for Chinese economy. In the next decade, both the overall innovation capability of China's strategic emerging industries and its role in China's economic development will be further enhanced.

Zhengzhou City is located in the geographical center of China. In the new era, Zhengzhou is promoting cooperation and innovation in emerging industries with unprecedented courage and wisdom. The development of emerging industries in Zhengzhou has outstanding advantages, great potential and bright prospects.

Two sessions of the World Emerging Industries Summit are held in Zhengzhou City. Zhengzhou has become an active promoter and important participant in the innovation and development of emerging industries in the world. We hope that the World Emerging Industries Summit and the development of Zhengzhous emerging industry will complement each other and jointly establish a glorious milestone in the innovation, cooperation and development of emerging industries!

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