Zhengzhou Declaration of World Emerging Industrial Cooperation at the 4th World Emerging Industries Summit

The World Emerging Industries Summit was launched in 2009 by the prestigious international economic organization Asia Pacific CEO Association. In 2010, the first Summit was held in China. So far, the Summit has gone through four sessions and won the support of many international statesmen and industry leaders around the world such as Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and Dominique De Villepin , the former French Prime Minister.
During the last decade, the World Emerging Industries Summit has become a major initiative to promote the development of international industries due to systematic promotion of cooperation and innovation in emerging industries on a global scale.

Multiple good ideas and forward-looking initiative on industrial development made by the World Emerging Industries Summit ten years ago have come true.

In the past ten years, the World Emerging Industries Summit has witnessed the change of emerging industries, and has seen the positive role of it in the world economy. Emerging industries are increasingly becoming the new dynamic of economic development and transformation in various countries, and offer new opportunities to improve people's lives.

Therefore, we have set the theme of this Summit as: the world's emerging industries - new dynamic, new opportunities.

Since the turn of the century, emerging industries with the focus on knowledge and technology intensive industry, green and low-carbon growth have flourished, and regional agglomerations and industrial clusters have since been formed. The industrial innovation and growth capacity has been significantly improved. making great contributions to countries' quality development! Emerging industries represented by the Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, and high-end manufacturing have facilitated many new industrial forms with their extremely strong cross-industry coverage and rapid industrial expansion, which has greatly changed the industrial and economic structure, and the way people live and work.

Worldwide, high-end manufacturing, 5G technology, big data, internet of things, new computer technology, robotics and automation, industrial robots, industrial internet, brain programs, space exploration, satellites, hybrid cars, smart cities, clean energy, new energy, energy storage, renewable energy, energy-saving technologies, biotechnology, big data and synthetic biology, advanced materials, nanotechnology, agricultural technology, regenerative medicine, high-end medical equipment, rail transit... Emerging industries come one after another. How spectacular this is!

In the next decade, more and more new technologies will emerge. Under their influence, more industries will be promoted and updated. The global industrial and regional structure will undergo major changes. Great changes will even be made in the concept of human life. This is both a common topic for mankind and opportunity for the world.

Therefore, the WEIS2019 should once again appeal to all countries in the world to comply with the new trend of industrial development, promote the exchange of information and technology in emerging industries proactively, strengthen international economic cooperation in emerging industries, and use the new dynamic of emerging industries development.

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