For Academia

As an extremely well-connected, respected and influential organization, Asia-Pacific CEO Association can draw on financial and economic resources the world over. APCEO can offer academic institutions the following opportunities and services:

- Regular forums for networking and the development of economic ties and business opportunities.

- Strategic planning and decision-making about university research, education, and public engagement, economic development, and globalization.

- Assist to set up of branches and training institutions in a new region or country

- Create good relationship between universities from different countries

- Promote the inter-universities exchange and communication

- Facilitate the discussion and communication among governments, enterprises, and Academia

- Assist to recruit students throughout the world through APCEO¡¯s platform

- Cooperate to set up top training classes to educate entrepreneurs, government officials, and aspiring leaders through a multidisciplinary approach

- Accept renowned professors,doctors to be APCEO¡¯s senior experts after presidium¡¯s evaluation,and assist to arrange speeches wherever possible

- Send an APCEO presidium member to be an honorary professor,Advisor,researcher of the cooperating academic institution after both parts¡¯ agreement

- APCEO economic platforms and services that can meet academic institutions¡¯ needs.



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