For Governments

As an extremely well-connected, respected and influential organization, Asia-Pacific CEO Association can draw on financial and economic resources the world over. APCEO can offer governments the following opportunities and services.

- Regular forums for networking and the development of economic ties and business opportunities. These include the International Cooperation Summit for CEOs, Governors, Mayors & Political Figures Worldwide (ICS), Global Outsourcing Summit (GOS), World Emerging Industries Summit (WEIS), Global Economic Leaders Summit(GELS),North American CEOs Forum, Australian CEOs Forum, América del Sur CEO Foro, European CEOs Forum, Euro-US Industry Promotion Conference, African Trade Conference, CEOs & Ministers Forum, Social Celebrity Banquet and so on. At the same time, APCEO continually holds Industrial partnering meetings on such diverse subjects as finance, outsourcing, energy, new emerging industries, cultural industries, creative industries and etc. Using APCEO’s platform, governments can benefit by moving in circles populated by corporate heavyweights, famous statesmen, top government leaders, senior multinational officers and renowned experts. In addition, APCEO provides international consulting services, international public relations services to governments.

- Plan, organize and promote a diverse range of conferences and exhibitions on international economics and trade, international cooperation and communication.

- Assist governments in the setting up of all types of corporations, and facilitate the participation of senior officers in government activities.

- Provide services related to government investment projects

- APCEO economic platforms and services that can meet government-level needs.



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