Global Health Industry Cooperation System Joint-Membership Invitation

Investment Opportunity Promotion of Medical Industry in Zhejiang Province, China

Currently, the outbreak of frequent life and health-threatening events puts human health and life in great danger.

In the hope of improving science and technology and manufacturing capability in responding to major epidemics and various health threats, it is urgent to intensify technical, industrial and investment cooperation in the health industry across the world.

Over the 30 years since its foundation, the Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide (APCEO) has always been committed to integrating international industrial resources in an all-round way as well as promoting global industrial cooperation and innovation. It has become one of the international authoritative institutions which hold the richest international industrial resources and can mobilize them in the fastest manner. What its global projects lay hands on has attracted much attention from varying sectors.

After delicate preparations for more than a year, Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide (APCEO) initiated the establishment of the "Global Health Industry Cooperation System", which is dedicated to addressing such urgent issues as insufficient investment, inadequate research and imbalanced development in the global health industry and is committed to making contributions to the global health cause.

The major functions of the System include:

1.    Establish "Global Health Industry Technology Cooperation Center"

2.    Set corporate examples and release "Global Health Industry Enterprise Ranking"

3.    Release "Global Health Industry Development Report"

4.    Establish "Global Health Industry Fund Project Database"

5.    Establish "Global Health Industry Investment Fund "

6.    Host "Global Health Industry Cooperation Conference"

The "Global Health Industry Cooperation System" will invite the following to be joint members across the globe: government departments/offices, international organizations, Fortune 500 companies, the global top 100 medical and health companies, the top 100 medical institutions, well-known research institutions, leading figures in the medical and clinical fields and renowned investment companies in the health industry. By doing so, the System is aimed to realize international multilateral mutual assistance and cooperation. The joint membership first represents a lofty international position in which the members will better contribute to the global health cause!

Given the vital position you hold in the international health industry, we hereby invite you to join the "Global Health Industry Cooperation Systemí▒, in which you will be granted the following rights without paying any fees:

1.    Become a joint member of the Global Health Industry Cooperation System

2.    Become a founding member of the Global Health Industry Technology Cooperation Center

3.    Become a presidium member of the Global Health Industry Cooperation Conference

4.    Have access to authoritative information about the global health industry

5.    Free inquiry the Global Health Industry Fund & Project Database established by the system

6.    Free online registration and release advertisements of your institution and the needs of your project cooperation

7.    Obtain the opportunities to cooperate and exchange with global health industry leaders

Meanwhile you are bound to take the following responsibilities:

1.    Submit the official registration form to agree to join the System

2.    Release your actual needs for cooperation in the online service system under the Global Health Industry Cooperation System

3.    Actively respond to other membersí» information of seeking for cooperation

4.    Actively participate in the activities of the System

We genuinely expect your valuable advice for í░Global Health Industry Cooperation Systemí▒.

It is our great hope that you or your institution will join the membership of í░Global Health Industry Cooperation Systemí▒.

Let us join forces to build a global health industry cooperation system!

The Zhejiang Provincial Government of China is one of the joint members of í░Global Health Industry Cooperation Systemí▒. Entrusted by the Zhejiang government, the APCEO Presidium and the Expert Committee of the Global Health Industry Cooperation System hereby recommend you some cooperation opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry of Zhejiang.

Zhejiang, located in eastern China, is a developed province in China, where many well-known companies represented by Alibaba are headquartered. After it fuels its Internet industry to a leading position in China, Zhejiang plans to list the health industry as the most important one for future development.

Zhejiang introduces from other countries major cooperative projects such as Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Medical Testing, Biological Vaccines, Medical Services, Health Management Services and Health Products and also provides international enterprises, research centers and other institutions which invest in Zhejiang with:

1.    Government support of procurement

2.    Supporting investment funds

3.    Arrangement of meetings and exchanges with leaders of Zhejiang government, corporate presidents and medical experts

4.    Other needed policy support

5.    Invitation of the Zhejiang government to pay a visit at an appropriate time

6.    An arrangement in which leaders of Zhejiang government and businesses will visit your institution

It is our great hope that you or your institution will establish vital cooperative ties with Zhejiang province.

Please fill the official registration form on your will.

The current epidemic, please take care of yourself and send your best wishes!


Zheng Xiongwei

Global Executive Chairman

Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide (APCEO) 
>> Introduction to The Health Industry of Zhejiang Province (Website: www.zj.gov.cn)

The health industry in Zhejiang Province boasts a sound foundation and environment for development and favorable policies: 

1. The market is broad in life and health industry, with the yearly total amount of medicines purchased by medical institutions and the government up to 80 billion yuan. The fitness level of Zhejiang residents reaches 23.69%, 9 percentage points higher than that of the national figure; the average life expectancy reaches 78.6, which is 0.9 years higher than the national average. The medical institutions within the province deals with 543 million outpatients and 9.49 million inpatients annually, with total health expenses of 282.604 billion yuan and total per capita health expenses of 4,995.65 yuan, which is 32.03% higher than the national average.

2. The province has premium medical institutions and well-established disciplines. Zhejiang has 529 integrated hospitals, of which 52 are graded óˇ-class A hospitals and 6 are included in the top 100 hospitals of comprehensive strengths in China. The total number of beds achieves 314,016, with 5.55 beds per 1,000 people. Such disciplines rank among the top-notched in China as infectious diseases, organ transplant, optometry, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors, and reproductive medicine. At present, two national key labs for infectious diseases and for visual science and more than 50 provincial and ministerial key labs have been established, forming a relatively sound disciplinary development system.

3. Biomedical R&D human resources are continuously gathered. Zhejiang excels in having a group of high-level medical scientists and medical talents as well as innovation teams. It has established more than 20 key labs and key disciplines in drug safety evaluation, clinical pharmacy and new drug research and development, thus forming its strong capability of biomedical origination and innovation and of clinical translation. A number of major academic papers have been published in top international journals and some outstanding biomedical products of original research have been produced and promoted in enterprises.
The focal respects of introducing foreign investment in Zhejiang's life and health industry:
We hope to negotiate and cooperate with the world's major industrial chain companies and R&D platforms of biomedicine and medical equipment and set up regional headquarters, R&D institutions or production projects in Zhejiang. Zhejiang governments at all levels will help companies better explore the Chinese market. The details are as follows: 

1. Innovative drugs: With the implementation of policies of purchase with target quantity, two-vote system, medical insurance negotiations, etc., pharmaceuticals will soon see structural adjustments and high-tech value industries will usher in big new opportunities. Under this circumstance, sufficient innovation capacity only can ensure sustainable development. Precision medicine, tumor-targeted therapy, stem cell therapy, antiviral drugs, innovative vaccines, etc. may become the next investment swirl.

2. Rapid diagnostic reagents: The increasing demand for the service efficiency of disease diagnosis raises the bar for early diagnosis and early treatment. It is recommended to pay attention to such areas as rapid detection, gene sequencing, in-vitro diagnostic reagents and non-invasive detection. 

3. New medical equipment: Drug reform experiences will gradually be applied to medical consumables, medical services and other areas. With the accelerating population aging, patients desire more effective, convenient and non-invasive diagnosis and treatment. The technical value and the capacity to satisfy clinical needs will become the core competitiveness. It is recommended to keep an eye on minimally invasive medical devices, wearable devices, smart medical devices, home remote monitoring equipment for elderly care, etc. In particular, we hope to cooperate with global well-known medical equipment brands.



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