Overview of the Presidium

Presidium Function 

The Presidium is the highest governing authority of Asia-Pacific CEO Association. The powers of Asia-Pacific CEO Association are exercised by, or under the authority of, Asia-Pacific CEO Association Presidium. The Presidium allows certain functions, with Presidium oversight, to be performed by the officers of Asia-Pacific CEO Association or committees formed by the Presidium.


Roles and Responsibilities 

¡¤Articulate expectations and standards related to organizational culture and the ¡°tone at the top.¡±

¡¤Shape, approve and monitor the strategic direction of APCEO.

.Establish the basic policies of APCEO and review any proposed changes to them.

¡¤Select, evaluate and develop the Executive Chairman.

¡¤Shape and clarify the mission and vision of APCEO.

¡¤Monitor the organizational performances of APCEO and ensure accountability through APCEO.

¡¤Review and approve APCEO¡¯s financial objectives, budget, major financial plans and actions.

¡¤Provide oversight of disclosure and transparency, risk assessment, internal controls and processes    designed to promote legal and ethical compliance.

¡¤Enhance the reputation of the organization.

¡¤Assess and improve the Presidium¡¯s own effectiveness.

¡¤Promote positive working relationships and communications with members and member societies.



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