-- Hign quality economy, better life

-- Emerging industries¡ª¡ªnew dynamic, fresh opportunities!

-- Promote international industry investment and innovation, enhance belt & road exchange and cooperation

-- New industrial revolution & green economy

-- Innovation leads to development, cooperation creates the future

-- The international transfer of technology and industry under the new round of global economic restructuring

-- To spur the further development and innovation of the global real economy!

-- Worldwide development experience of urbanization and global cooperation opportunities of china¡¯s


-- Chinese civilization and the development of global cultural industries

-- The latest events and general trend in the development of global cultural industries

-- Breakthroughs and new incentives of global cultural industries

-- New features of international cooperation in cultural industries

-- New trends and opportunities of international investment in global cultural industries

-- Some advice to china and Gansu¡¯s cultural industries by global cultural giants

-- Outlook on cooperation between china and the world in cultural industries

-- The inheritance, innovation and global cooperation of the Chinese civilization

-- Developing international outsourcing within the framework of an integrated global economy

-- China's development strategy for international outsourcing

-- Analysis of the latest trends in international outsourcing

-- Successful operating and management strategies of international outsourcing

-- The talent strategy of international outsourcing

-- The global outsourcing strategies of fortune 500 companies

-- Global outsourcing¡¯s role in promoting the prosperity of world economy

-- Global outsourcing's role in promoting the optimum allocation of global resources during the great

   economic transformation

-- International outsourcing¡ª new engine of world economic development, new force of Chinese city


-- International service outsourcing¡ª transforming development mode, promoting balanced growth and

   regional cooperation

-- Economic globalization - outsourcing or insourcing

-- New power of the world economic growth

-- Second integration of the global economy

-- New chances in the international capital flows and international trade

-- New development chances for the cities and enterprises of china

-- Promoting the prosperity of asia-pacific region on the basis of innovation

-- Harmonious integration of the global economy

-- Reform the look of the world, innovate the way of cooperation

-- Promoting the establishment of a new international economic order and a new international economic


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